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Buying a home is in most cases accompanied by a substantial investment. A well-considered financing plan is therefore a must. In this way you exclude unpleasant surprises in advance and you can continue to work on your housing project without any worries.

At the same time, there is a good chance that you are not familiar with all the formalities and points for attention that come with a real estate investment. Do you prefer to come on the ice? Then definitely request the Good Finance living guide!

Good Lender helps you with the whole picture

Good Lender helps you with the whole picture

Financing a home is much more than just taking out a mortgage loan. There are several steps involved:

  • Defining a realistic budget
  • Get the best value for money
  • Take out a customized loan
  • Build in financial protection
  • Make good appointments

In the Good Finance living guide, we elaborate on these five phases and discuss all points for attention. Because only prospective buyers who are prepared to perfection, succeed with enthusiasm. Below we give you a hint of the veil …

Optimal financial protection thanks to a debt balance insurance


Obviously it is a priority to take out an affordable mortgage loan. But it doesn’t stop there. What comes afterwards is just as important: the monthly repayment of the credit . Many scenarios are possible. Just think of a sudden death during the term of your loan. In order not to put your next of kin in financial trouble, there is the debt balance insurance. Depending on the percentage for which you are insured, the insurer takes over part or all of the repayment of the credit.

Additional guarantees


And did you know that additional guarantees can also be linked to your debt balance insurance? This allows you to build in extra guarantees in the event of occupational disability or involuntary unemployment.

The additional guarantee Death by accident ensures that an additional capital is paid out should you die as a result of an accident. The Good Finance living guide will assist you from start to finish!

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