Personal Viewpoint On Penis Enlargement and Male Virility Enhancement Methods Used Today

Penis Size Matters

This sounds a bit weird topic, but in fact this is very popular among men who are interested in increasing the size of their penis. Around 5 years ago, I was not very open to this topic as it sounds pornographic in nature.

Penis Enlargement Ideas

Little by little, as a writer, I do want to discover new topics and new things to write on. Since I’m on the health and wellness topic, I decided to dig deeper into this embarrassing, yet interesting topic in men’s sexual health.

What I knew at that time was penis enlargement was meant to increase penis size, because as it says enlargement, or enhancement, right?

However, the more deeper I dig into the topic, I me a lot of people doing it seriously, and what I’ve learned from them as shocking to me. Penis enlargement is not supported by the medical society, by the way, though there are some doctors and urologists who supported the idea.

One shocking thing I’ve learned about penis enlargement, or enhancement as other call it…it is healthy for the penis. In fact, I was convinced until I myself is doing it ’till today, and have been doing it for 3 years.

I’ve learned it was not sole meant for increasing penis size, but the routines and exercises do work by increasing and allowing more blood flow to the penis. Through this process, it is easy to achieve firmer and lasting erections.

Furthermore, men doing this in real world also live a healthy lifestyle. It’s like doing the typical workout for the entire body, one learned to live healthy because if not the efforts of doing the routines would end up useless. Of course, while only having to do it for sexual health purposes, and only doing the routines lightly, I do achieve a bit of gain plus a substantial improvements in my erections.

I become more confident when it comes to performance inside the bedroom and allowed me to successfully overcome premature ejaculation. I’ve been implementing manual exercises and hydro pump routines, and from timer-to-time traction extender routines, which I’m going to cover in a separate article as there is a lot to cover about traction extenders. So, watch for it…

I was also able to learn that there is an available coaching program for penis enlargement by Big Al with his team of doctors who supported this idea. It’s kinda shocking because there are men who took the coaching program not mainly for the purpose of achieving phenomenal gains, but improve self-confidence due to premature ejaculation, which is very common on most men, anyway.

Male Enhancement Questions

Questions Popping Up

Searching some big sites like YahooAnswers’s mens health section, there tons of questions about penis enlargement ranging from troll questions to individuals who are serious about learning what works. Among the questions they’ve asked are;

  • What methods work?
  • What methods are safe and efficient to achieving permanent gains?
  • Do the results are long-term and permanent?
  • Do male enhancement pills work?

Well, certainly the answer to those questions are…YES with the exception to male enhancement pills. Pills are meant to improve erection quality by improving blood flow to the penis. Pills do not allow a permanent increase in penis size. While there are countless advertisements online claiming pills help achieve bigger penis size, they’re simply a lie. Furthermore, not all pills are created equal.

There are pills that are made without essential ingredients for improving erections, and upon taking them, no results at all even when using them for a certain period of weeks or even months. On the other hand, some pills are made with active ingredients found in Viagra, Cialis and Levitra that are prohibited by the FDA. Pills like these are scam or rip off. Hence, be cautious when seeing these over-hyped advertisements online.

Penis Enlargement Is Possible

If I Did It, You Can, Too!

Undoubtedly, penis enlargement work. Either simply wanting to improve erection quality and overcome premature ejaculation, or achieving permanent size increase. The bad news, it is a continuous process until you will see results. There are no shortcuts. Safety procedures must be followed strictly to avoid injury, which cause potential damage to the penis’ nerves resulting to temporary or worse total erection problem.

Not many men are doing it because it is not an easy job. On the other hand, if you do it lightly you can still achieve noticeable improvements months of performing the routines consistently and patiently. The fact, light activities like men do provide results, hardcore individuals do get results way beyond what I have achieved.

The one thing that is very difficult to achieve is an increase in girth size, or the circumference of the penile shaft. There are numerous exercises designed for girth only. Conversely, length is a lot easier but don’t expect it to be quick. As I’ve mentioned, it will take months before a noticeable results can be achieved.

Manual PE Exercise Routines

The oldest, yet very effective method of increasing penis size as well as improving and maintaining penis health is manual exercise. Among the popular and widely used manual exercises are Jelqing and stretching. Both in its basic routines have huge impact on one’s journey to whether achieving permanent gains, or simply for penile and sexual health purposes.

Manual Exercise Routines

Another great advantage of manual exercise, it is totally safe when the routines are implemented appropriately. For beginners, it is highly advisable to perform the routine lightly, and as one’s penis is getting used to the exercises, advanced routines can be incorporated with an increase in intensity and time of the routines along with its numerous variations ensuring maximum efficiency.

There are numerous websites offering free information about manual exercise routines that can be implemented right way. However, I suggest doing a bit of research before implementing any routines to make your effort a lot effective and safe. I suggest visiting and digging more information from websites dedicated to covering natural penis enlargement exercises that provide not only detailed but reliable information on penile size, and male virility enhancements along with other various tips for men on how to improve performance in bed and overcome premature ejaculation.

If you browse around the website I’ve mentioned, you will also find various reviews about penis enlargement devices that are currently hot in the market today due to their efficiency in helping achieve permanent gains. Among the reviews I’ve noticed are hydro penis pumps on popular brands like Bathmate and Penomet. Pumps are among the very popular and preferred choice for men who are serious about penis enlargement.

We’ll cover pumps in the next section. For now, you have to know also, there are websites that are offering information about manual exercises but they’re offering it expensively and adding a lot of fillers to it. Others are selling lots of unnecessary ad-dons to their main product just to rip money from their customers. Of course, not every websites do that, but just be careful on those who are offering over-hyped offers online.

Other reliable online resource worth spending time to browse are and

Bathmate Penis Pumps

Air and Hydro Pumps

Majority of men who are serious in penis enlargement choose pumps as their preferred device. Originally, pumps are designed to help men with erectile dysfunction. The original design of penis pump utilized air to create vacuum. During the early days, they’re known as air vacuum device because it uses air to create vacuum.

As technology advances, another breed of penis pump was created that utilizes water to create vacuum making it more efficient compare to the air vacuum counterpart. The first company to developed a hydro penis pump is Bathmate. Today, Bathmate have several models to choose ranging from the first model Hercules to the latest and greatest Hydromax X40 Xtreme.

Penomet and Bathmate Hydro Pumps

In late of 2012, another company was developing and releasing their own version of hydro penis pump. This time it is the Penomet. Penomet has a completely different design because of its changeable gaiter system. Each gaiter has its own pressure limits. Hence, beginners can use gaiter with least pressure capacity and move on towards the higher pressure gaiters later on.

To learn more about hydro pumps along with detailed reviews about Penomet and Bathmate pumps, covered this in details in their penis pump section.

Primary Benefits Of Using Penis Pumps

  • Assists with achieving and maintaining an erection.
  • Minimizes fast ejaculation and impotence.
  • Promote even better and stronger erection quality.
  • Self relief – some penile pumps include an inner sleeves and vibrator.
  • Facilitates gaining extra width and length.

How Does An Air Vacuum Penis Pump Works

Lubes and Creams

Creams and oils are also used in male enhancements. Typically, these types of enhancements are directly massaged or applied to the penile shaft. It is fast-acting, and the effect can be felt after a few minutes of application. You can or allow your partner to apply it for if she is willing to do so.

Moreover, there are creams specifically formulated for premature ejaculation. Using such enhancement requires proper care and instructions should be followed accordingly. Usually, there is a specified time when to apply it prior to having sex because if it rubs on the female’s genitals, numbness can be experienced and orgasm is impossible to achieved.

Male Enhancement Oils and Lubes

Some condoms contain pre-applied lubes or creams formulated for premature ejaculation. Using the condom is fine and will not cause numbness on the partner as the cream or lube is applied from the inside of the condom.

Benefits Of Using Lubes and Oils

  • Helps achieve better and lasting erections
  • Helps boost sexual stamina
  • Helps prevent premature ejaculations
  • Increase sex drive
  • Helps achieve better orgasms

Herbal Solutions

During the early days, herbs and aphrodisiacs were commonly used as enhancements. There have been a lot of techniques used during ancient times in China and South America such as mixing various herbs in order to achieve something that is potent for improving male virility.

Male Virility Enhanceing Herbs and Spices or Aphrodisiacs

Among the popular herbs include Horny Goat Weed and Yohimbe, Gingko Biloba, Ginseng, and among many others. Both of these herbs are still very popular and widely used especially in dietary male enhancement pills. Particularly, Yohimbe is very popular, and it has been proven to improve erections and boost sexual drive.

Here the benefits of Yohimbe;

  • Expands or widens the arteries in penile area
  • Improve and maintain proper blood circulation
  • Boost sex drive and orgasms

Hopefully, this article is able to help enlighten those who are seeking information about penile and male virility enhancement techniques. I’ve referenced to certain websites that are external so that you will be able to dig deeper on those information that are not covered here in details.

Penis enlargement is not something to get into quickly, and gaining phenomenal gains might not be your primary purpose, but to improve the quality of erections and overall sexual health.

Keep in mind, sexual health substantially depends on one’s overall health condition, particular cardiovascular health as sexual health and stamina depends on proper blood flow for better quality erections in men, and better sensation and pleasure for women allowing them to reach satisfying orgasms.

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