What is the difference between the third-party liability insurance, limited car insurance and full car insurance?

If you take out car insurance, you can choose from various cover types. For example, there is liability coverage, limited casco coverage and full casco coverage . In addition, all kinds of different terms are used such as third-party liability insurance, airframe insurance and airframe insurance. But what exactly are the differences between these coverages?

Car insurance coverage

Car insurance coverage

Liability coverage

Third-party liability coverage is the minimum coverage that you must take out if you have a car. A minimum insured amount of 2 million euros applies. With third-party coverage you cover the damage that you cause to others and their possessions with your car and for which you are legally liable. The damage is also reimbursed if you let someone else drive your car. Damage to your own car is not covered by the liability coverage. This also applies if there is a case of theft or a broken window. Is your car 10 years or older? Then WA coverage is usually sufficient. Compare liability insurance

Hull insurance or hull car insurance

Hull insurance or hull car insurance

The hull insurance or hull car insurance is a collective name for the limited hull cover and the full hull cover. These two coverages are further explained below.

Limited Casco

The limited hull cover is mainly taken out for cars that are between 6 and 10 years old. The cover compensates the damage as a result of fire, storm, hail, theft, broken windows and a collision with animals. In addition, it covers everything that is covered under liability coverage. Previously, the limited casco coverage was called WA Plus.

Full body

New cars up to the age of 5 are usually fully covered by the car. With a full-casco coverage you not only cover the damage you cause to others, but also the damage to your own car. Moreover, this also applies if it is your own fault. Is your car older than 5 years, but do you also want to insure it fully comprehensive? Then that is of course also possible. For example, because you want to be sure that you can buy the same car again after a claim. The full-casco coverage was previously (and still) called the all-risk coverage. The full-casco coverage is the most comprehensive coverage and the premium for this coverage is therefore the highest. Compare airframe insurance



Suppose you have a Volkwagen Golf of 9 years old. If you enter your details in our comparator, you will immediately see what all coverage means. In addition, we advise you immediately which coverage is probably best for your car. 

More information

Do you want to know more about the different cover types and do you want to know what exactly is covered? Then view our car insurance coverage page. Compare car insurance

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